Why Choose Us?

Bespoke built Cyprus Villas

When you decide to work with us we guarantee that we will be there every step of the way providing you with a very personal service

dedicated and experienced project team

A UK based company you can trust

a Unique and personal service to all our clients​

Why we offer such a unique service in a very niche area of the housing market and therefore we only work with a small select number of clients. 

Unlike our competitors we will never prioritise our own investments, building property portfolios, we are solely focused on bespoke luxury builds for our clients

We make the journey of building your dream villa a joy and happy process and in turn this fulfils us. So, during the initial sale process, it’s a two-way street as we also have to decide if we share the same vision as you. This way, we can ensure that we harmonise our goals to deliver the perfect outcome for you

We have built a very talented and dedicated team of architects, engineers, designers, and builders on stand-by and can’t wait to build your dream villa. So come and talk to us and let’s start this journey together.

Ultra Luxury Cyprus Villas

Below we have listed some architecturally beautiful villas that will help to give you inspiration with your dream villa. Look at the sleek designs and the amazing interiors, it just shows what is possible with a little imagination.

The Linear House

Inspired by the idea of Mediterranean scenery

Villa in Livadia

Leaning on the rock of the mountain

Trif House

TRIF House - a minimalist energy efficient villa

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