Purchase Process

Bespoke built Cyprus Villas


Dedicated project team to manage all aspects of your build

Dedicated architects will help design your dream villa

build strong relationships with our clients

1st Steps

Initial Contact:
We take this opportunity to learn more about you as a person or family, your lifestyle, and plans for the villa. From our point of view as we only work with a small number of clients we also need to evaluate whether we can work together and share a similar vision for your dream villa.

Sales process:
We appreciate this is a major purchase or investment so we will continue to meet with you to answer any question until you are fully happy and ready to work with us.

Commitment to Work:
Once you are ready to work with us we ask you to sign a contract and ask for a deposit which shows us your commitment to work with us, but don’t worry this money will be taken off the actual contracted price of the build once we have developed all the plans and priced all the materials and labour.


At this point, you may already know which area of Cyprus you want to live in, however, if not then we will help you to understand each municipality and how it would fit around your lifestyle. Additionally, if you are also thinking about renting your villa while it is vacant then we can help show you the areas where you maximise your returns.

Mood boards:

We will set up online mood boards which allow you to save any villa design, interiors, landscaping and literally anything related to the build. This will help us and our team of architects and designers to understand what your dream villa should look like.

Villa Mockups:

Our highly skilled and creative team will work closely with you to design mock-up plans of your dream home. We pride ourselves on not only making the most amazing looking villas but also that we don’t forget practicalities and attention to detail.

Find a Plot:

Once you have decided where you would like to live and the budget, we will build a list of plots that are available in that area and surrounding areas. The plot is the heart of the build as it has a number of pre-conditions which we must assess to the suitability for your project:

This is the maximum overall size of your Villa expressed as a percentage of the land 

The maximum size of the floor plate or the ground floor expressed as a percentage of the land 

This is simply the maximum number of floors you can build on the land

This is the maximum height of the building

As you can see it isn’t as simple as just finding a plot. We have to analyse and calculate what we can actually build on a given plot, which is why we work with experienced agents who have access to many plots which are not available online.

Cyprus Visit:

Once we have the shortlist of plots we advise all clients to visit Cyprus and view the plots. We will host you in a hotel and also provide transfers to and from the airport. Typically 2-4 days is more than enough to view the plots, the local areas and take you on a tour of Cyprus. It's also a great opportunity to meet us in the beautiful sunshine of Cyprus!

Purchasing the Plot:

Once you have chosen a plot we will then instruct our solicitor to purchase the plot on your behalf. Alternatively, you may wish to use your own solicitor.

Planning and design

This is where the fun really begins! We will allocate an architect that will work with you throughout the entire process until the villa is complete. This is a very important relationship so you must be happy and comfortable with the architect. They will organise sessions with you to understand more about you, your lifestyle, and what ideas you have for your villa, and when combined with your mood boards and the initial mock-up designs they will produce a design. You will then have the opportunity to revise and refine the plans until you are completely happy.

Once you are happy with the design we will create 3D renders of the floor plan which are essentially 3D images of the interior and exterior so you get a good feel of what the villa will look like.

We will then combine these 3D renders into a 3D walkthrough which will allow you to virtually walk through your villa, room by room to get the ultimate experience of visualising your dream villa. Very few of our competitors go this extra mile to make sure their clients are completely happy with the final design.

Structural Plans
Once the architectural plans have been signed off by you we will then assign a structural engineer to create the structural drawings which show location, size, and materials to be used for the various structural elements of your property. This will be the blueprint our builders will use to build your villa, as well as part of the documentation we will provide to the local building authorities.

Planning Permission and Building Permits:
Dealing with local building departments can be complex and full of red tape which is why we take care of all aspects. In fact the majority of the work will be done behind the scenes with your engineer and architects taking the lead. Typically, we advise our clients to allow up to 3 months to get all the permissions in place to start on site.


Building starts in the Factory:
Building your dream villa actually starts in our factory! We use steel frame construction which means that we build, prepare and quality check the entire skeleton of the villa in the factory. We use the latest enginering techniques to calculate and build every single piece of the frame from metal beams to nuts and bolts, which means we can accurately

On Location Build Phase:
An exciting day when we actually start to physically build your dream villa, converting your designs into reality. Using our new building method of steel frames, we can have multiple streams of work all commencing at the same time which can never be done using traditional building methods. We have grouped the tasks in to the following broad categories:

We provide a full-on Project management service and track all aspects of the build which we share with you so that we are completely transparent. Lastly if you are using a mortgage to finance the project we will liaise with the Banks representative during inspections.

Onsite Visits:

During the build phase, we want to keep you involved as much as possible therefore we suggest you conduct a number of onsite visits where you physically see progress and also most importantly start to understand the flow and dimensions of the villa. It’s also a great time to start thinking about the interior and exterior living space.

Testing Phase:
We have a dedicated test phase where we will go through each aspect of the Villa to make sure everything is working as expected, this is on top of the continuous checking the build team does.


Interior Design:

The interior design actually starts way back at the beginning when you commit to working with us, however, it’s constantly being refined through the design and build processes. We typically build the interiors during the design phase, particularly as part of the 3D renders which really give you a feel for the style of the whole villa. If you hire us to look after the interior design, our team will begin to source all the items during the build phase.

Linear House


Before we handover the villa to you we will go over a thorough walkthrough of the whole villa to make sure you are completely happy with the workmanship, finishes and to answer any question you may have.

Handing over your keys:

The day we all look forward to! Handing over the keys to you and your dream villa. It’s always a momentous day for our client but also for us, since we only work with a small number clients at any given time


Snagging and Settlement Issues:

There are few things in life which are guaranteed but ‘Snagging’ is definitely one of those! As you move into you new villa there will always be something that needs correcting or doesn’t look quite right, in addition to the settling period for a new property. We would rather be upfront with you, so we add provisions to the contract and plan to allow for such issues, so rest assured we will not leave you without.


Nice cup of Tea

We hope to build long term relationships with our clients, especially after completing a build, so why not call us and we can pop round for a nice cup of tea and a chat.


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