Ultra Luxury Villas

Bespoke built Cyprus Villas

We build the most exclusive eco-friendly villas in Cyprus. our trademark is building spacious, stunning, and private villas for the more discerning buyer.

Our team of talented architects and builders are ready to build your dream villa with the highest quality and craftsmanship. Come and discuss your dream home with us…

Current Projects

Villa Modernos
3 Bed Luxury Villa

This modern villa pushes the boundary of design and elegance whilst providing a truly luxurious lifestyle.

Villa Moda
3 Bed Luxury Villa

A stunning villa with the emphasis on outdoor living with a huge pergola covered living-dining space and luxury pool. This villa has been designed to be ultra flexible and will accommodate any type of plot

Villa Luxor
5 Bed Luxury Villa

This colossal villa is part of the ultra-lux collection offering over 800sqm of living space over 4 floors and an acre plot. The luxor is the ultimate in luxury and opulence and is a true reflection of our vision to build the most magnificent villas in Cyprus.

Design Inspiration

Below we have listed some architecturally beautiful villas that will help to give you inspiration with your dream villa. Look at the sleek designs and the lush interiors, it just shows what is possible with a little imagination.

Linear House

Inspired by the breathtaking Mediterranean scenery
Villa in Livadia
Leaning on the rock of the mountain, with amazing views

Trif House

TRIF House - a minimalist energy efficient villa

Villa H3

Gives the sense of hovering over the water and sailing

J House

A new house with a simple & modern, yet comfortable design

Please note these are not our designs and are merely an inspiration for our customers use. We do not claim in anyway these are our own designs